Saturday, August 15, 2009

Swagbucks- Get Paid to Search

After hearing the unfortunate news about Scour, I decided to finally try out Swagbucks. I was not disappointed. The concept is very similar, you get paid to use their search engine. Only, with Swagbucks, each search gives you a chance to win points (called Swagbucks). It's really not that difficult and you win fairly often (at least a couple of times a day.) You can also earn points by finding special codes on their blog, Twitter, or other sites.

I highly recommend it. It's much more realistic than Scour is with its new changes. Also, the actual search engine quality is so much better. I really don't even notice much difference between Swagbucks and Google.

Sign up with them here: Swagbucks

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  1. Swagbucks is freaking awesome! LOL. I love it.. it's alot more fun I think that Scour too. They always have code hunts, trivia, etc and it's alot of fun. If you'd like to know how to maximize your swagbucks, I did a great post you can check out out below.

    How to get more swagbucks

    I'm already at 1149 Swagbucks!!

    Oh and also thanks for signing up to IM Report Card :) it's a greattt site! I've already cashed out twice in less than a couple of weeks!

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