Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paid Surveys: The Good and The Mediocre

Here are some more paid survey reviews, including some good ones, and some mediocre.

Partnership Plus
I really like this panel. Every month, they send you a survey where you fill out the information for any clothing you purchased that month. It's fairly easy and you still earn even if you did not get any clothes during a particular month. They pay very well. The only downside: you need to make sure you keep your receipts as you'll need them to fill out the surveys.

Zoom Panel
A lot of people aren't crazy about this site, but I like it. The rewards aren't that great (points you can redeem for various merchandise.) However, they send surveys very often and I usually qualify. It's not that hard to rack up points. Good site for earning in your spare time.

Mail Diary Panel
In my opinion, this one isn't worth the hassle. And it takes a really long time to rack up enough points to get anything. Also, the rewards offered are pretty lame. You have to keep track of the details of even the most minor purchases you make each month. But if you are already doing this and don't mind filling it out every month, then it might be a good option for you.

My View
Some people like this panel, but I just can't recommend it. I've had some horrible experiences with them and their support team. I couldn't log in, due to some technical problem, and they weren't able to assist me. I lost all of my earnings, as a result.

Instead of bothering with them, I suggest joining Say Nation. They feature My View surveys, but they pay more for them, even if you don't qualify! Plus, their support team is amazing. I always get a prompt response and they quickly fix any problems.


  1. I would like to try Mail Diary Panel, it stated if someone referred me to enter their member number. May I have yours so you can get 100 points for me joining under you?

  2. Thanks, that's so sweet of you to go out of your way to ask me for it! I don't know my member number, but I just sent you one of those refer-a-friend emails. But I didn't know your last name so I entered it as Tristen Dontknow, lol. I think you'll be able to change that when you sign up.

  3. Thanks! I just signed up and am doing the intro survey ... Yea I saw that, lol, thankfully they let you change it to your last name, some sites keep your name how the sender had it and wont let you change it unless you email them.

    I figure if there is a survey site or the like that I haven't joined might as well join under the person who let me know about it so they can earn the points they deserve.

    I tried joining partnership plus yesterday but they still aren't taking new memberships. They said the same thing 5 months ago when I tried last time, I wonder if they will ever be taking new memberships.

  4. That's a good policy :) It seems like a lot of people will do the opposite and type in the URL instead of clicking on a referral link.

    That's strange though about Partnership Plus...I just joined about a month or two ago. It's probably like Pinecone where you just have to get lucky and find a link. I'll definitely let you know if I hear anything though :)


  5. Yea I dont understand that either, if your gonna sign up atleast give someone the credit.

    I think it might be my demographics, or maybe my location ... if you got in then they are accepting new members, they are probably jsut being picky.


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