Monday, August 3, 2009

Daily Paid Surveys

There are many sites, including GPTs and regular survey panels, that offer daily paid surveys. Especially, if you're having a slow day, they are an easy way to ensure you still make some cash. Some sites offer more money than others for some of the same surveys. Therefore, it's best to try out a couple a see which ones work best for you.

I'll start with some GPT sites that I've already mentioned in previous posts:

Cash Crate
Deal Barbie Pays
My Flipper Cash
Send Earnings

Now, I'll review some sites that actually send these daily surveys straight to your inbox. Each of them definitely has some unique survey opportunities that the others don't. So I suggest you try them all.

Palm Research
This site has many great surveys each day. Although, only some of them are emailed to you, so you might want to log in every once in a while. They pay very well. They are open to quite a few different countries, as well. My personal favorite out of these three sites.

Daily Survey Panel
They also have many opportunities and pay fairly well.

Survey Spot
They do have a lot of surveys, but over half of them are just for sweepstakes entries, instead of cash.


  1. Hi...
    I don't live in the USA. I wonder whether you can advice me what survey sites to join for international members.

  2. Hi Jeani! If you look under Categories and click on "International Surveys" you might find that post helpful. I try to keep it as updated as possible.


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