Monday, August 17, 2009

Get Paid to Review Money-Making Sites

That's right. Get paid to rate and review sites that most of you are already using! And if you aren't, get paid to discover and rate new ones. IM Report Card is my newest favorite earner. It's so easy to make money with them and it's so quick. They have a ton of websites and programs listed for you to review, from paid surveys and GPTs to affiliate marketing and business starting sites.

I just joined the other day and I'm already more than half-way towards the $20 payout! You get points for a variety of different actions. You get 50 points for each comment (basically a review) you make, plus a bonus if you're one of the first to write about it. You then get an extra point for each person that finds your comment helpful. You can get 75 points just for suggesting a new site for them to add. You also get 10 points to grade (rate) a site and 1 point each time you rate another person's comment as either helpful or unhelpful. You need 2,000 points to cash out. Pretty easy to reach!

And did I mention that this is also a great way to promote your own site, blog, or even referral links? You can use them in your signature, which appears at the bottom of every comment you make! I'm already getting some traffic from there.

I highly recommend this site. To sign-up click here: IM Report Card

And thanks to Reanna for letting me know about this site!


  1. You're very welcome! I'm glad you decided to sign up. I have no idea how long this site is going to be around cuz honestly I find it soooo easy to earn. Almost TOO easy.. but they do pay.. that's what's important. In the mean time while they DO exist AND PAY.. I tend to make use of it!

    I just received my second cashout and I'm really close to my third. I'll post that payment tomorrow.. when I'm a bit more awake lol.. but keep at it and you'll get to payout before you know it!


  2. Very helpful article. I am obviously looking for such sites for earning online.


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