Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Few More Paid Survey Reviews

Here are, yet again, some more paid survey panel reviews!

This is one of the first panels I ever signed up for. I'm going to say right off the bat, that it doesn't pay that well and the surveys aren't that frequent. However, I still recommend them because their surveys are short, fun, and easy. They're all about movies and television!

Valued Opinions
This is one of the better paid survey panels out there. They pay very well and send frequent surveys. When I first started doing them, I rarely qualified. But after a while my luck changed and I've made a lot of money with them.

Global Test Market
Although not one of my favorites, this is a very popular panel. They do have frequent surveys. However, my problems with them are that they don't pay much, it's extremely difficult to qualify, and they have a really high minimum payout.

YouGov America and YouGov Polling Point
These two are, obviously, run by the same company. Out of the two, I like Polling Point slightly better since their surveys are more frequent. However, neither of them pay very well and you would have to take a lot of surveys before you could get anything decent. Still the surveys are pretty interesting. Most of them are of a more political nature, similar to HCD Surveys.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Paid Survey and GPT News

First, the good news. HCD Surveys is starting a new promotion which allows you to earn points just by posting three links to Media Curve's survey results. This promotion is going on until September 27th. Check your account for details.

If you're not yet a member of this great paid survey panel, you can join here: HCD Surveys.

Now, for the bad news. One of my favorite GPT sites, My Flipper Cash, will be closing September 4th (Thanks to Miss Money Hunter for filling me in) So if you're a member, now's the time to cash out. The minimum cash-out has been lowered to $5, so it should be much easier to reach.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


MySurvey is another great paid survey panel that I have not reviewed in much detail, yet. So here is my review:

I really love this panel! Their surveys aren't as frequent as some other sites, but they do pay well. Once you reach 1000 points (equal to $10), you can request pay-out for either cash or various merchandise. You can reach this payout very easily.

They were also the first panel to send me a paid product test! I got to try out a new bag of chips and then take a paid survey about them. It was really easy and fun!

Teens can join as well, since you only need to be 14 to sign-up. And they do send surveys for each member of the family, as well.

Overall, this is another paid survey panel that I highly recommend. To sign-up, click here: MySurvey.

Monday, August 24, 2009

GPT: Dollar Click or Sign-Up

I recently realized that I had never written a review for one of my top-earning GPT sites: Dollar Click or Sign-Up. So here it is.

Similar to Deal Barbie Pays Fast, Dollar Click or Sign-Up has a minimum payment of only $1! Very easy to reach! You can either complete offers and surveys or get paid to click on ads. The PTC actually pays well, too, since most of the ads are one cent per view. You can then choose to cash out and get quickly paid through Paypal.

Of course, you can also get paid for referrals. That's another great aspect of this site: you earn 100% of your referrals' earnings!

In addition, Lora, the admin, is great! She's very friendly and always willing to answer any questions.

All in all, I highly recommend this site. Click here to join: Dollar Click or Sign-Up

Friday, August 21, 2009

IM Report Card Update

IM Report Card is growing fast! And they really do listen to user feedback, which has been shown in their latest updates. For one, you can now promote your site even more on there by having it in your public profile!

I don't think I mentioned this last time, but you can also make money through referrals on this site. In fact, you get a matching amount of credits that they get every time they comment, except for any bonus credits.

With one of their latest updates, you can now use your referral link to link to specific reviews. That way if you want to reference something on the site, you can still get credit if the person ends up joining.

The past few days they have also been adding many more programs to review. It seems to get better and better everyday.

If you haven't already signed-up, you can do so here: IM Report Card.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paid to Upload Content

RedGage is a social networking site that pays you to post content, such as links, graphics, videos, documents, and blogs. You get paid based on how many views your content gets. Or if your content is really good, you can get featured and get even more cash with a special bonus.

I haven't made that much yet, but what I have made has been pretty passive. All I did was upload a few links to my own sites!

Click here to visit RedGage! Make sure that when you sign-up you tell them that moneymaker1008 sent you!

Oh and don't forget to add me to your friends :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Get Paid to Review Money-Making Sites

That's right. Get paid to rate and review sites that most of you are already using! And if you aren't, get paid to discover and rate new ones. IM Report Card is my newest favorite earner. It's so easy to make money with them and it's so quick. They have a ton of websites and programs listed for you to review, from paid surveys and GPTs to affiliate marketing and business starting sites.

I just joined the other day and I'm already more than half-way towards the $20 payout! You get points for a variety of different actions. You get 50 points for each comment (basically a review) you make, plus a bonus if you're one of the first to write about it. You then get an extra point for each person that finds your comment helpful. You can get 75 points just for suggesting a new site for them to add. You also get 10 points to grade (rate) a site and 1 point each time you rate another person's comment as either helpful or unhelpful. You need 2,000 points to cash out. Pretty easy to reach!

And did I mention that this is also a great way to promote your own site, blog, or even referral links? You can use them in your signature, which appears at the bottom of every comment you make! I'm already getting some traffic from there.

I highly recommend this site. To sign-up click here: IM Report Card

And thanks to Reanna for letting me know about this site!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Swagbucks- Get Paid to Search

After hearing the unfortunate news about Scour, I decided to finally try out Swagbucks. I was not disappointed. The concept is very similar, you get paid to use their search engine. Only, with Swagbucks, each search gives you a chance to win points (called Swagbucks). It's really not that difficult and you win fairly often (at least a couple of times a day.) You can also earn points by finding special codes on their blog, Twitter, or other sites.

I highly recommend it. It's much more realistic than Scour is with its new changes. Also, the actual search engine quality is so much better. I really don't even notice much difference between Swagbucks and Google.

Sign up with them here: Swagbucks

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to Get Referrals (for Free!)

First off, check with the site you want to refer people to. They all have different rules about what they will and will not allow in terms of advertising your referral links. (NONE of them allow you to spam or send unsolicited emails and you will get banned if you do this.)

1.) Send link to friends and family
2.) Start a blog/website and include the link
3.) Add link to all your online profiles
4.) Put link in your email signature
5.) Put link in forum signatures
6.) Be the first to make a post about the site in a money-making forum
7.) Promote through social networking sites
8.) Free classified ads
9.) Write articles and include the link
10.) Create Squidoo lenses
11.) Participate in Traffic Exchanges
12.) Participate in Referral Exchanges (you can find them on most forums)
13.) Some sites run programs that allow you to get referrals out of anyone that signs up without a referral (Check with your site to see if they allow this and under what conditions)
14.) Make a video, add the link to it, and post on YouTube
15.) Take your promoting offline: flyers, business cards, etc

Now, simply getting referrals that don't do anything is pretty worthless. You really want active referrals so you can get money whenever they complete offers, take surveys, etc. So how can you get ACTIVE referrals?

1.) Most GPTs offer a way for you to send messages to your referrals, send them a welcome message!
2.) Give them your email address so they can contact you with any questions
3.) Walk them through the process and show them all there is that they can do
4.) Encourage them by sending weekly/monthly messages (maybe send Holiday messages)
5.) Alert them of any contests or promotions going on at the site

So get going! Start referring and racking up the cash! It won't happen overnight, of course. But if you take the time and put in the effort, you can make it happen.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sites That Pay for Referrals

Before I start, I just wanted to give a quick update. I got to my hotel today, only to find that they did not have free Wi Fi. I found a little cafe nearby (where I am now), but the connection is extremely slow. It took me forever to even get to my email! I'll keep on the look-out for another Wi Fi location, but I may not be posting as much as planned for this week. Thanks for understanding.

Now, on to the good stuff! Today I thought I'd give you guys some sites (most of which I've discussed elsewhere) that are willing to pay you for referring other new members! Also, stay tuned to my blog for updates to the list and ideas for getting more referrals. Here's the list:

Survey Savvy
Say Nation
HCD Surveys (New members also get a $1 bonus for signing up through someone else's referral link!)

Cash Crate
Deal Barbie Pays
My Flipper Cash
Send Earnings
Deal Barbie Pays Fast

Swagbucks (I'll write more about this great site in another post, very soon!)

My next post will include a list of tips for getting lots of referrals!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacation Time

Hey, just wanted to give all you lovely readers a heads up. I'm going down to Virginia Beach and I'll be there until Friday.

Not to worry, I'll be bringing my laptop with me and I will try my hardest to keep up with everything. However, I will only be online for about an hour each day, so I probably won't have time to quickly respond to every email, comment, or question that I get. Still, feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you by Saturday at the very latest.

And keep reading! I have a few posts pre-written so there will still be updates this week!

Thanks for your attention,

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Paid to Talk About What's Cool

For the past week I've been trying out two new programs that pay you to tell them what's hot right now. They're basically, word-of-mouth programs. So far, I really enjoy them both. They're fun and involve a lot of social networking.

This is my favorite out of the two. There are so many different ways to earn points, which make you eligible to get free samples and products to try. Social networking is a big part of it, I even got to promote this blog a little bit! I haven't gotten an opportunity to try an products yet, but I've heard very good things about it from many people.

This one includes a paid survey component, but the main part is where you simply write a sentence or two about whatever is a hot topic for you at the time. Then people can discuss it and rate it. All of this gets you points.

I'm only just starting out with these, but I will definitely keep everyone updated!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paid Surveys: The Good and The Mediocre

Here are some more paid survey reviews, including some good ones, and some mediocre.

Partnership Plus
I really like this panel. Every month, they send you a survey where you fill out the information for any clothing you purchased that month. It's fairly easy and you still earn even if you did not get any clothes during a particular month. They pay very well. The only downside: you need to make sure you keep your receipts as you'll need them to fill out the surveys.

Zoom Panel
A lot of people aren't crazy about this site, but I like it. The rewards aren't that great (points you can redeem for various merchandise.) However, they send surveys very often and I usually qualify. It's not that hard to rack up points. Good site for earning in your spare time.

Mail Diary Panel
In my opinion, this one isn't worth the hassle. And it takes a really long time to rack up enough points to get anything. Also, the rewards offered are pretty lame. You have to keep track of the details of even the most minor purchases you make each month. But if you are already doing this and don't mind filling it out every month, then it might be a good option for you.

My View
Some people like this panel, but I just can't recommend it. I've had some horrible experiences with them and their support team. I couldn't log in, due to some technical problem, and they weren't able to assist me. I lost all of my earnings, as a result.

Instead of bothering with them, I suggest joining Say Nation. They feature My View surveys, but they pay more for them, even if you don't qualify! Plus, their support team is amazing. I always get a prompt response and they quickly fix any problems.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scour News

Some unfortunate news. Scour is switching from their current points system (for Visa giftcards) to sweepstakes entries. They're calling it an "upgrade" but I think it's pretty safe to say that it's the exact opposite. All points will have to be cashed out by the end of the month, or else they'll be worthless. This part is especially upsetting since so many people, myself included, will not be able to earn enough points to cash out by then.

I'm still hoping that there's a slight chance that they will change their minds due to all of the negative comments posted on Scour's official blog. Nobody is happy about this. I would think that many people would just stop using Scour all together if this change is made. There really wouldn't be much to make it stand out anymore. I think it would be a really dumb move.

What do you guys think?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Daily Paid Surveys

There are many sites, including GPTs and regular survey panels, that offer daily paid surveys. Especially, if you're having a slow day, they are an easy way to ensure you still make some cash. Some sites offer more money than others for some of the same surveys. Therefore, it's best to try out a couple a see which ones work best for you.

I'll start with some GPT sites that I've already mentioned in previous posts:

Cash Crate
Deal Barbie Pays
My Flipper Cash
Send Earnings

Now, I'll review some sites that actually send these daily surveys straight to your inbox. Each of them definitely has some unique survey opportunities that the others don't. So I suggest you try them all.

Palm Research
This site has many great surveys each day. Although, only some of them are emailed to you, so you might want to log in every once in a while. They pay very well. They are open to quite a few different countries, as well. My personal favorite out of these three sites.

Daily Survey Panel
They also have many opportunities and pay fairly well.

Survey Spot
They do have a lot of surveys, but over half of them are just for sweepstakes entries, instead of cash.
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