Thursday, July 9, 2009

Teen Paid Surveys

If you're a teen, there are actually more survey panels open to you than you might have thought. It's a great way to earn extra cash for clothes, food, and, let's not forget, saving up for college (sorry to be a downer). Also, some survey sites that are for those 18 and over, will periodically send out surveys for teenagers in the household to fill out. So it might be a good idea to have your parents sign up for some good survey sites. But here are some great sites that you can join even if you're under 18!

Since this site will probably not be mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I decided to write a short review. I've never personally done any surveys with them, but they are a very well-respected and legitimate company. Their panel is open to teens aged 13-18 and you can make between $2-$20 per survey! Also, the surveys are specifically designed for teens so they are more interesting to you. Note: They will mail a letter to your parents to let them know that you have signed up.

Here are some more sites that are open to you:
Epoll (13+)
Your 2 Cents (13+)
Clear Voice Surveys (13+)
SayNation (13+)
Global Test Market (14+)
Valued Opinions (16+)
Survey Savvy (14+)
ACOP (14+)
Survey Head (14+)
Harris Poll (13+ in US and Canada, 14+ in other countries)

Non-Survey Sites
Cash Crate (13+)
Scour (13+)
YouData (13+)

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