Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Get Paid To Search

Scour is a great search engine! I use it all the time now and I don't miss Google one bit. You never realize how many searches you actually make each day until you are getting paid for them. On Scour you get paid in points for each search you make. You can then make more points if you rate and/or comment on the search results. When you get enough points you can cash them in for a Visa giftcard!

At first it might seem like its going to take forever to get enough points, but you'll soon see that they accumulate pretty quickly. Not to mention, Scour likes to give lots of bonuses now and then. And even if it does take you a while to cash out, you're not losing any time or money so it's still free cash!

Earn money with Scour!

1 comment:

  1. hey thanks for referring me! I use scour alot now! It's really cool. I'm yet to do a review about it on my blog, I've been so busy, but It's definitely a great easy way to earn money. thanks :)



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