Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kids Paid Surveys

Even if you're under 13, there are still options for you when it comes to making money online. Here are some paid surveys for the younger set. (Note: for most of these you will probably have to either have a parent sign up as the primary user or mail in a signed form of consent.)

KidzEyes (6-12) This panel is run by C&R Research, the same company behind TeensEyes.
Kids Opinions (6-14)
Panel Polls (Nickelodeon Kids Forum) (6-14) (3-5 also allowed under certain conditions)
Weekly Reader Insider- (7-17)
Dubit Informer- Only open to the UK, ages 11 and up

You can also ask a parent if they would like to become a member of other paid survey panels. Every so often they will ask if members would allow their kids to participate in a survey.

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