Saturday, June 27, 2009

Paid Survey Reviews

I will add more reviews later, but here is a great bunch of recommended sites to join so you can start making money right now!
Say Nation
This site is a bit newer than the rest, but I love it! It’s really easy to reach payout. They do have the option of Paypal too. It’s fairly easy to qualify for surveys and they send a lot of them. But even if you don’t qualify, they still give you 25 points!
HCD Surveys
This site is a bit different because its focus is not on market research so much as surveys on political and social issues. The surveys are very short and usually include a video which you have to watch and move a bar on the bottom of the screen indicating your feelings/opinions during the video. It’s simple, fun, and you are well-compensated for your time.
Lightspeed Panel
This site is really good at sending only the surveys for which you qualify. It’s a piece of cake to reach payout, which includes the option of Paypal.
Clear Voice Surveys
I don’t usually qualify for their surveys, but I’m still able to make payout since they still pay a slightly lesser amount just for attempting a survey! They don’t offer cash, but they do have Amazon gift cards, which are almost as good. And they pay fast. I’ve gotten my Amazon e-card within seconds of requesting it!
Survey Savvy
They do not have nearly as many survey opportunities as the others. But what really makes them stand out is their great referral program and their low payout minimum (only $1)! Tip: Make sure you fill out your member portraits (Survey Savvy's equivalent of member profiles.) You probably won't get any surveys if you don't.

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