Thursday, June 25, 2009

GPT Reviews

Now that I’ve covered most of the basics of GPTs, I thought I’d share my favorite and most trusted sites. I suggest you join at least some of them so you can start earning money!

Cash Crate

Cash Crate is undoubtedly the most popular GPT out there. They have loads of offers that build up to quite a lot of money. They are also known for their great referral program and their reliability. I have been paid every month since I’ve joined. Tips: Complete the daily surveys. They are great ways to bump up your earnings. Also, browse through the forums. There is so much excellent information on them to help you.

Send Earnings

On Send Earnings, you can get paid to read emails in addition to the offers and surveys. They send an average of three emails a day, and all you have to do is click the link inside. It’s fast, easy and adds up real quick. Although they do not have as many offers as Cash Crate, they have a lot of unique offers that you won’t find on other websites that pay quite well.

Deal Barbie Pays

Deal Barbie Pays has lots of great offers that pay well. But I have to admit that my favorite part of this site is the Paid to Click section, which is where you get paid to click on ads and view them for a certain period of time (just a few seconds). While I’m usually not a big fan of PTCs, Deal Barbie Pays has a pretty huge selection of them, worth really reasonable amounts of money.

Deal Barbie Pays Fast

Deal Barbie Pays Fast is, well, a site that does exactly what its name says. The minimum to cash out is only $1 and you get paid through Paypal within about 2 days! Once I even got paid within a few hours!

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