Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Top Earners of the Moment

First of all, I can't believe I'm already writing my 50th post! It's really exciting, especially considering how much I've already discussed. But don't worry, there's a whole lot more still to come!

Anyway, I thought I'd use this post to reflect on my biggest triumphs so far. Here are my top 5 earners of the moment:

1.) IM Report Card is definitely my fastest earner. It's my favorite program that I've joined so far! And a pretty big portion of it I earn passively, both from referrals and people rating my reviews. I'm also getting a pretty good deal of traffic from them.

2.) Squidoo is another one of my faves. It's almost time for me to get my first payout. But I honestly wouldn't mind doing it for free. It's so much fun and gets me loads of targeted traffic. And I love being a part of the great community of "Squids" they've got going on.

By the way, my latest lens is about promoting websites for free online. There's over 80 different ideas listed to get you started! Check it out here: Over 80 Ideas for Free Website Promotion

3.) I'm still a loyal Cash Crate fan, as well! I just log in every once in a while, complete a few offers and earn a few bucks. I also love their referral program.

4.) HCD Surveys is, in my opinion, the easiest and most fun paid survey panel. The surveys are so short and different than those from other panels. It's great!

5.) Recently, My Survey has also climbed into my favorites! They were the ones to send me my first (and second) product tests. Not only did I get to keep the products, but I also got paid cash for answering questions about them. It's a great deal!


  1. I really like IMReportCard in concept, because if you can post lots of comments it's an incredibly easy way to earn points...but that's exactly where I've been sticking. The vast majority of the sites with which I have any familiarity at all have comments disabled because they've already received enough of them, so every time I visit the site, it's a constant struggle to find one to comment on so I can earn a few points grading the sites I can't comment on. And of course the site keeps telling me that sorry, I have comment more so I can grade more, at which point I want to throw things at it because I can't comment more.

    Possibly this is too much irritation to be feeling toward what is actually a good website, but there you go. :p Have you had this problem too? I also haven't had much success with MySurvey, just because they seem to send me very few surveys, but I hear so many good things about them I wish I'd get more.

  2. Hi, Moriel! You're comment actually inspired me to write a post with tips for earning with IM Report Card. Hopefully it will help you, as well as anyone else who's struggling with it :)

    As for MySurvey, I used to have that problem when I first signed up. But they started sending me a pretty good amount about a month ago. So hang in there and definitely take advantage of any surveys they do send you.


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