Monday, September 7, 2009

More Updates: Directories

I finished organizing the rest of the programs into directories. You can now find them all in the top right of the sidebar. As I said with the Paid Survey Directory, I will be frequently updating them with links whenever I write a new review. I think that this will make browsing much easier.

So now there is also a GPT Directory and a Misc. Money-Making Directory, which includes all the other ways to make money online that I've reviewed thus far.

In case you haven't noticed, I also did an overhaul of the contact form. I changed the format and gave it its own page. The link to this page is in the top right of the sidebar, as well.

And there's one last thing I wanted to share. I recently made my biggest purchase yet using solely from money I've made online. I bought a new Macbook! I'm so happy with it and it feels so good to have all my hard work pay off. Of course, I didn't make this money all at once. I've been saving up for a while. Still, I find it so amazing that I was able to make enough!

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  1. Great job organizing. I also think it helps alot. :) Blogs can get so confusing sometimes. I often think people probably get turned off by how much stuff is on my blog and sometimes leave but I have no idea how to make it more compact without losing some important info lol. I seem to think everything needss to be there :)

    Oh well..

    btw congrats on your new macbook! :)

    TriNi @ make money online free


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